GP Services

At Gorey Family Practice, we offer a wide range of GP services as outlined below.

Gorey Family Practice - GP - Doctors - Family PlanningAntenatal Care

We take part in the Health Services Combined Care Scheme. We offer medical, nursing and midwifery care free of charge to all pregnant women and to mothers and babies until 6 weeks after birth.

Blood tests

Most blood tests need to be taken in the morning. Ask for a morning weekday appointment for a blood test.

Cervical Smear Tests

Are available without charge as part of the National Cervical Smear Programme (CervicalCheck). Ask the receptionist about how to arrange this. We also offer smear tests outside the criteria for CervicalCheck.

Cervical Cancer Vaccines

There is now a very good vaccine to protect against cervical cancer. Please contact us for a free information pack.

Flu Vaccine

The flu vaccine is now available. Please phone the surgery to book your appointment.

Childhood Vaccinations

These are necessary to protect your child from a number of infectious illness. Please check with reception.


We provide advice and prescriptions for all forms of contraception. We are aware of the particular concerns of younger patients.


Gorey Family Practice - GP, Doctors - Counselling and Psychotherapy

If you are finding life stressful, have alcohol or relationship problems or suffer from anxiety or mood problems, counselling may help.

Linda O’Reilly, a trained counselor and independent practitioner, is recommended by the practice.

She is an accredited counselor with I.A.C.P.

Gorey Family Practice GP Doctors CryotherapyCryotherapy

This uses liquid nitrogen to treat a variety of skin problems including warts and sun damaged skin as well as some other conditions. It is covered by your medical card and most insurance companies also cover it.


This is an electrical trace of the heart and is performed by a nurse as part of a health check if required.

Gorey Family Practice - GP, Doctors, Family Planning and ConraceptionFamily Planning

We can talk to you about contraception. We can also advise you on how to get healthy before starting a pregnancy.

Health Checks

Also known as well person checks. The intention is to detect problems before they become major and to advise you on how to stay healthy.

Joint Injections

Some joint problems benefit from injecting medication into the joint. We can do these.

Gorey Family Practice - Occupational_Health - Doctors Surgery in GoreyOccupational Health

We provide occupational health services.


Gorey Family Practice - GP Services, Doctors - OsteopathCan help with muscle and joint problems.

It can also help with behavioural problems in infants and with problems some children have in getting to sleep.

Rue Wheeler, a trained Osteopath and independent practitioner, is recommended by the practice.

Pre-employment Medical

A pre-employment health check screens you for any present problems and advises you on how to stay healthy in your job.

Some employers wish their employees to have health check ups and these can be arranged at the surgery.

Sexual Health

You may be worried that you have caught an infection from sex. We can test for these.

We can also teach you to examine yourself for cancer of the breast or testicles.

Surgery for Lumps and Bumps

Some skin problems need surgery and we can do the smaller more minor procedures.

Travel Vaccinations and Medication

Very important if you are travelling abroad!

Vaccines can protect against many infections and medication can help prevent Malaria. You will also be given advice on how to reduce your risk of returning ill.

Try to schedule your vaccines at least 4 weeks before you travel.