General Services
Telephone Consultation with Doctor (one patient per consultation)€30.00
Repeat Prescription Request (Private patients only)€20.00
Work Cert Request – Sick Note/Fit to Work Cert (price per cert issued)€10.00
Consultation with Doctor (one patient per consultation)€50.00
Extra 2nd Family Member€35.00
Extra 3rd Family member€25.00
4 or 5 Family Members€130.00
Follow-up Consultation within 7 days€35.00
Consultation with Nurse (one patient per consultation)€40.00
Women’s Health
Mirena Coil Insertion (includes follow-up 6 weeks later)€130.00
Implanon Insertion€90.00
Implanon Removal€120.00
Private Smear Test if not on Cervical Check€90.00 plus patient pays lab fee directly
Flu and Pneumonia€30.00
Men B€145.00 per shot – up to 3 shots needed
Hep B€50.00 per shot – 3 shots needed
Travel Vaccines
Initial Travel Vaccine Consultation with Nurse€50.00
Travel Vaccines Cost – to be advised by nurse
Consultation for Administration of Vaccine/s€35.00
Follow-up Visits€20.00
Blood Test€20.00
Blood Pressure Check€30.00
Driving Test Medical€50.00
24-hour Blood Pressure Monitor€50.00
Ear Syringing€55.00
Dressing / Wound Care€35.00
Removal Of Stitches€35.00
House Call and Mileage Charge (€1 per mile)€90.00
House Call – 2nd Family Member€60.00
Medical Examinations (boxing, etc.)from €70.00
Letters to Support Housing / Travel€15.00
Hearing / Audiometry Test€50.00
Sexual Health Consultation with Nurse (includes follow-up)€65.00
Health Check-up€250.00
Examination at Request of HSE / State Agency€380.00/hr